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Welcome to the Summit Institute

Welcome to the Summit Institute

The Summit Institute was established in 1973 and has worked to promote and rehabilitate mentally ill young adults through unique and groundbreaking programs ever since. Summit offers personalized psychosocial rehabilitation programs using groundbreaking treatment methods. For the last 15 years, the Summit Institute has also been responsible for foster care in Israel’s Jerusalem and Southern regions, helping hundreds of at-risk children who are no longer able to live at home, whether due to the parents’ choice or a court order. Our foster care services include a network of thirteen emergency shelter foster families who serve as an immediate solution in times of crisis. Summit also identifies and trains new foster families so that they are able to provide warm and welcoming homes for children around the country. Additionally, Summit operates the Mahut Therapy & Guidance Center for the parents of adolescents in Jerusalem

The Summit Institute Association has a variety of ways in which you can donate and allow us to give more. We respect diverse and reliable payment options.

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Foster care with Summit

A foster family provides a warm home and a welcoming temporary solution for at-risk children who can no longer live with their biological parents, whether due to the parents’ choice or a court order. Foster families play a vital role in children’s physical, emotional, and educational development. Foster care ends when the child turns 18, is transferred to an alternative housing situation, returns to the biological parents, or is adopted.

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Pyschosocial Rehabilitation

The Summit Institute’s therapeutic treatment and rehabilitative programs offer a wide range of services to mentally ill young adults struggling to function and in need of high-quality psychosocial rehabilitative treatment. Summit provides personalized psychological counseling, social activities, vocational support, and psychiatric treatment. Our programs guide participants to create healthy, independent lives.

Rehabilitative Services at Summit Include:

Parent care and counseling summit

Adolescents with Mahut

Parents of teenage children are invited to contact us in order to provide support, advice and treatment to parents, teenagers and the entire family as a response to this complex period. The center is managed and operated by the Summit Institute, and works in cooperation with the Adolescent Care Unit of the Jerusalem Municipality The Mahut Center focuses on improving the parent-adolescent relationship, improving parental functioning and supporting crisis situations, all with the goal of strengthening the family and improving the condition and functioning of the adolescent.
The professional staff


Yoni Bogot

Executive Director of the Summit Institute

Sharona Sharet

Manager of finances, administration and accessibility

Netta Siboni

Director of Foster Care Services

Danny Steinberg

Therapeutic Rehabilitation Coordinator Chief Psychologist

Yael Proos Gantz

Director of resource mobilization and external relations

Mira Werker

Director of Resource Development and Public Relations

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partners of Summit

Foster care for children at risk

Treatment and rehabilitation for the mentally injured

Parent center for teenagers

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