Assisted Living

Assisted Living

The sheltered housing services of the Summit Institute are specially adapted to people who are interested and able to live in independent apartments in the community, but need accompaniment and guidance in developing the skills necessary for a more independent life. The service is intended for candidates who are released from psychiatric hospitalization, for those who wish to leave the family home, as well as for people who are in hostels, and intend to move towards independence.

The support unit in housing in the community of the Summit Institute association is suitable for people (from the age of 18 and up
Age 70+) who deal with mental illness, mental disorder and functional difficulties, and live
in the community, in Jerusalem and in Gush Etzion.
The service is intended for people who are in different stages of life, who are interested and able to live
in independent apartments in the community, but constantly need emotional and rehabilitation support, and guidance in development
The skills needed for a more independent life. 
The program is intended for people who are released from psychiatric hospitalization, for those who are coping and living
Alone and wishing to receive an escort, for those wishing to leave the family home, and yes, for people
who are in the hostels, and intend to move towards independence.

Our unit's core program offers:

  1. Weekly individual accompaniment by a social worker in the form of a conversation of a supportive rehabilitation nature, as well as coordination of the social worker's treatment with various rehabilitation and treatment factors in the life of the rehabilitator.
  2. Weekly training sessions with rehabilitation instructors in the residential area and home environment.

It is important to note that for contestants who are parents of children, there is the possibility within the escort
In the unit, join a psycho-educational group for struggling parents and parent-child activities
On behalf of the unit and the Summit Institute.
The goals of the framework are to build and strengthen functional, occupational skills and habits
and social, thereby promoting independence, adaptability and a good quality of life. Construction
The rehabilitation program is done individually, according to the needs, with the participation of
the rehabilitator and other therapeutic factors.
The rehabilitated persons applying to the housing support unit must belong to some kind of employment framework,
To be under psychiatric supervision and to be responsible for taking medication independently. the escort
The plan requires a valid decision from the rehabilitation basket section - the Ministry of Health or a referral from
Ministry of Defence.
Program Structure
The accompaniment is provided as part of independent living or living with partners. The scope of the activity (amount
the weekly meetings with the unit staff) is determined by the decision of the rehabilitation basket committee or
The Department of Rehabilitation in the Ministry of Defense.

Different escort levels:

  • Ramat Levin 1-2 weekly sessions
  • Regular protected level 3-5 sessions
  • Ramat Mogan is enhanced 6-7 sessions

Activities in the Assisted Living Program:

  • Preparation for the move - through accompaniment in the process of searching for an apartment and partners, assistance in their negotiations with the apartment owners and in the signing of the contract, as well as in buying the necessary equipment for the apartment (it is important to submit an application for assistance from the rehabilitation fund ahead of time).
  • Support and guidance in integration into an employment framework
  • Support and training for daily functions, including cleanliness, personal hygiene, cooking and eating habits, shopping, personal finance, independent transportation, and communication with local institutions
  • Strengthening interpersonal and social skills, while referring to shared life in the apartment and encouraging integration into various settings in the community. Updating the rehabilitation plan, in accordance with the periodic assessment of the situation and the updates of the treating agency.

It is worth noting that if there is a change in the rehabilitator's condition, the staff will assist in the referral

and in the transfer

for a more suitable frame.

Methods of referral and admission to the community housing support unit:
You can apply through the mental health stations, clinics, personal therapists, frameworks
Rehabilitation, as well as independently. The admission procedure includes sending a current psychiatric report and a report
Psychosocial, along with an intake interview to examine the rehabilitator's suitability for the program.
The process is conditional on the approval of the rehabilitation basket of the district rehabilitation coordinator, in the regulation of rights
in the National Insurance, as well as by signing an engagement contract with the framework. 

For more details and to contact the community housing support unit ('protected housing'):
Address – 4 Maase Hoshev Street, PO Box 10234, Talpiot, Jerusalem 9262208
Tel: +972-2-6737221 Fax: +972-2-6725442

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