Families Talk

ראש השנה בפתח, נפגשנו עם משפחת מנחם, משפחת אומנה חדשה שלנו, שהשנה זו היתה שנת האומנה הראשונה שלהם, ושאלנו אותם כמה שאלות. השמות והפרטים המזהים בכתבה זו הם בדויים לצורך שמירת פרטיות….
האומנה הראשונה שלי
"Today I'm already 20, almost 21. When I arrived at the Summit Institute I was 17 years old and a bit. It's hard to say that I arrived, but I was accepted into a vocational rehabilitation program, because I managed to convince them that I should come here, especially my psychologist, who managed to survive the 'nonsense' I did to him, and he did not give up on me……
My father's story
"My name is Tami and this is a story about a place, which over time, I had a home, and even a family. I came to the Summit Institute as an 18-year-old girl, but in my mind I was like a child, I didn't know how to clean or cook, and the only thing I knew how to cook was an omelet..."...
Tammy's story
Tell your foster care story. I'm here because of my wife. A full partner, but she is the initiator, she is the manager. Before the wedding she declared her intention to serve as a foster family. I politely refused. Things slowly seeped in and... here we are...

Came from love - meet Hanania, a foster father
Tell your foster care story. The thoughts of foster care or adoption were always in our home. When they reported on the news about a small child who was found wandering alone at night, or a baby who had been abused by his family, the thought arose that we might take him in, but at the time my wife and I were not free in our daily lives....

Came from love - meet Ehud, an emergency foster father

On the occasion of International Father's Day - get to know Muhammad, the father of a foster family for emergencies
Tell your foster story: We have been a foster family for 3 years, and before that we were a host family for the foster child for 5 years. It all started with my wife, who is a social worker, who signed us up for a meeting of "children with a chance" where we were first introduced to the route of a host family and signed up...
Came from love - meet Yoram
To be there for a child who now needs a family and love
"Hello to all who are interested in hearing the story from my optimistic side! (I confess, it's not always like that). So I also have bad days, when I get up in the morning, like a pot that lacks water a little, and it's about to wither, and God forbid on hard days even die…"…
Liat's story

Foster care for children at risk

Treatment and rehabilitation for the mentally injured

Parent center for teenagers

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