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Emergency shelter foster

Emergency shelter foster families take in children who are in immediate danger - in accordance with a court order - providing a safe, stress-free environment for three to five months.


An emergency foster family is a volunteer family that takes into custody a child who is at immediate risk, as a temporary solution for him, in order to provide him with a safe and calm family environment, according to a court order. The period of stay in an emergency foster family which is a confidential family according to the foster care law is up to three months and in exceptional cases up to six months. During this period, diagnoses and observations are made about the child's condition and the relationship with his biological parents, and a recommendation is drawn up for the welfare services treatment planning committee regarding his future (if he will be transferred to a foster family, to another out-of-home setting or return to his home).

Receiving and welcoming children to the family home is done with short notice in advance and the family is by virtue of being an emergency nanny family available to receive children any day and hour. The ages of the children who come to the emergency nanny family are from the age of birth to the age of 6.

Emergency shelter foster families provide everything these children need after being suddenly removed from their homes. The families are responsible for the children’s physical, emotional, and educational development while the best possible treatment plan is created. The families offer protection and shelter in a warm, supportive family atmosphere while also helping to facilitate the children’s meetings with their biological parents at the contact center. They play an important role in crafting a plan for each child’s future care.

The National Insurance Institute defines the role of emergency shelter foster families as both voluntary and confidential. The Ministry of Social Welfare provides a monthly stipend as reimbursement for expenses.

The Summit Institute supports emergency shelter foster families thorough professional guidance, assistance for foster children, and resources for basic needs

Qualifying criteria for an emergency foster family


      • Parents up to age 55

      • Medical confirmation of good health status

      • Proof of no criminal record

      • One of the spouses does not work and is free to take care of the babies and children

      • Appropriate space for children in the house

      • Steady income and financial stability

      • Good personal relationships within the household

      • Written and oral references from the community

      • A family without young children at home under the age of 8 


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