Supporting the Family Unit

Mahut Therapy & Guidance Center for Parents

Treatment at the essence center

The Mahat Center focuses on improving the parent-adolescent relationship, improving parental functioning and support in crisis situations, all with the goal of strengthening the family and improving the condition and functioning of the adolescent. We, at the Mahat Center, combine observation of the unique development of the adolescent within his family, alongside processing the parents' difficulties. Our approach combines a dynamic view of what is happening with the adolescent and his parents, alongside a systemic view of the complex of forces operating in the family. The accumulated expertise of the Essence Center team in the field of adolescence allows us to offer parents tools and knowledge for better understanding and coping.
Mahut Therapy & Guidance Center for Parents

Family care

Joint treatment for parents and teenagers, in which the difficulties in relationships and communication within the family are addressed. In the treatment, the emotions and family conflicts are processed in a supportive and enabling therapeutic environment.
Mahut Therapy & Guidance Center for Parents

Parents care

Treatment in which only the parents participate, and in which the difficulties arise in relationships and communication with the teenagers. Most of the work is done around the role, authority and parental partnership in a supportive and enabling environment.
Mahut Therapy & Guidance Center for Parents

Our Professional Team

Participating in the group allows parents to have a point of reference regarding their function and position as parents and the maturation processes their children go through.
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Our Professional Team

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