Brochures from seminars

Issues in adolescence Year: 1988
Limits in adolescence Year: 1989
Separation and individuation Year: 1990
Motivation in adolescence Year: 1991
Narcissism in the individual, the couple, the group and the organization. A collection of lectures by Prof. Otto Kernberg and Dr. Paulina Kernberg Year: 1992
Risk taking in adolescence Year: 1993
The psychology of the "self": theory and clinical presentations. Year: 1994
Sexual identity in adolescence Year: 1995
Aggression in adolescence Year: 1996
Childhood abuse and its consequences in adolescence Year: 1997
The uniqueness of the therapeutic meeting with the adolescent Year: 1998
Porthole to the world of the teenager Year: 1999
Parents Parents and Adolescents Year: 2000
Society and adolescence Year: 2001
Addiction and puberty Year: 2002
Secrets and puberty Year: 2003
Fathers and adolescents Year: 2004
Adolescence and self-harm Year: 2005
Movement, body and touch Year: 2006
Fantasies and adolescence Year: 2007
Terrorism and aggression in an encounter with teenagers Year: 2008
Adolescence and belonging in a narcissistic era Year: 2009
The therapeutic discourse at eye level: whether and how? Year: 2010
To be doing and growing up Year: 2011
Destruction and construction in adolescence Year: 2012
Work with consequences in the treatment of adolescents Year: 2013
Therapeutic work with the withdrawn adolescent Year: 2014
The treatment movement between the inner world and the outer reality Year: 2015
The Topology of Madness: Points, Lines, Spaces: 2016
Femininity and masculinity in adolescence: 2018
Breakups and separations in puberty: 2019
פגיעות עצמיות בהתבגרות: 2020
סוגיות טיפוליות סביב אבהות: 2023

Foster care for children at risk

Treatment and rehabilitation for the mentally injured

Parent center for teenagers

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