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Therapeutic Center

The Summit Institute has erected a new center for mental treatment in Jerusalem for adults and adolescents, in understanding the existing need for providing a therapeutic response to the general public. Unlike the rehabilitation division, anyone who is interested in receiving psychological treatment is invited to the therapeutic center, without requiring eligibility for a rehabilitation program. The treatment is administered by an experienced and professional staff, at a reduced price.


We offer a wide array of treatment approaches and styles according to each patient’s needs and preferences:



Psychotherapy is a method of treating emotional or behavioral issues, whose purpose is to achieve deep change and an understanding of inner psychological and interpersonal patterns, to strengthen the powers of the self and to develop the tools to cope optimally with the challenges of life. This is an emotional process which is carried out in meeting sessions with a certified therapist, once a week (or more). Psychotherapy aims to help with facing hardships like depression and anxiety, loneliness, lack of fulfillment, behavioral difficulties, relationship difficulties, crisis situations and so forth. Likewise, at times, the distressed person does not reach out for help on their own and their family is the one who seeks help.


Expressive and Creative Therapies


Expressive Therapy is based on art, movement, writing and other creative forms of expression, as tools for articulating emotions and thoughts, and for processing them. Treatments of this kind are suitable for those who are interested in expressing themselves in experiential ways, and not just verbally. Through this treatment, an exceptional process is often made possible in working with adolescents, in processing trauma and in a wide range of psychological aspects. This approach is perceived as more accessible to the tribulations which typify young populations. Expressive and Creative Therapies are given both privately and in groups.


Private and Group DBT Therapy


DBT stand for ‘Dialectical Behavior Therapy’, and is intended for those who suffer from severe difficulties with emotional regulation. This is an effective and clinically proven therapeutic approach for dealing with complex emotional and behavioral challenges, which are based in adjustment difficulties. The purpose of therapy is to help the patient reduce their distress and to build a meaningful life. This treatment focuses on establishing the ability to listen to ourselves, to regulate emotion, to conduct ourselves optimally in interpersonal relations and to improve our resilience when facing difficulties. The approach offers tools and strategies for learning and observation, and is based on combining a private therapeutic space and a group space for learning the skills.


Rehabilitative Consultation


The Rehabilitation Center relies on the many years of experience of the Summit Institute, which focuses on therapeutic-rehabilitative work with patients that have significant mental disorders, from a systemic view which takes into account all aspects in life. From that, we also give rehabilitative consultation to the patients and their families who are at the first stages of the rehabilitation process and need an affirming and facilitating space.


Family and Couples Therapy


We offer therapy for couples and families in all stages of life and as well as treatment for parents of teenagers. The treatment focuses on working on the relationship, while observing each of the partners’ or the family-members’ experience, in a supportive and permissive environment. The treatment focuses on communication patterns, understanding of deep interpersonal processes, and on helping to face difficulties and crises. Many times people come to therapy in light of a conflict or a crisis, however, the treatment also works for strengthening and deepening functioning couple and family relationships.


Focused Group Therapy


The center will offer the possibility to participate in focused group sessions in various topics, such as improving social skills, healthy sexuality, and so forth.


We intend to continue and expand our organization’s supply of therapies in the future.


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