Foster families

What is foster care?

A foster family provides a warm home and temporary support for children at risk who have been removed from the custody of their biological parents by consent or by court order. The foster family contributes to the physical, emotional and educational development of the children. The foster care process comes to an end when the child reaches the age of 18, or in the following cases: his transfer to another out-of-home solution, the child's return to his biological parents or his transfer for adoption.

Foster Care Services

The Summit Institute provides guidance and direct support for families at all stages of foster care. The services are available for foster families in the Jerusalem and Southern regions, in partnership and under the regulation of the Ministry of Social Welfare. Summit works closely with the welfare authorities in local councils and municipalities.

In order to optimize the foster care system, the Summit Institute offers foster families a range of resources alongside in-depth, professional support. The services include:

- Training for new foster families, including personal and group courses that cover screening, placement, and instruction, as well as one-on-one preparatory meetings.

- Intensive professional and emotional support from foster care caseworkers during absorption, separation, times of crisis, and throughout the foster child's stay in the family.

- Consultation and treatment planning with foster care caseworkers, who are all certified, social workers.

- Personalized treatment plan implementation, including psychological care, paramedical treatment, tutoring, assistance in school, and more.

- Support groups and meetings to assist foster parents with day-to-day concerns and challenges.

- Treatment groups for foster children and adolescents.

- Coordination between foster families and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to ensure reimbursements for expenses for foster children with special needs.

ימי כיף והשתלמות למשפחות האומנה ולילדים, כחלק משייכות לקהילת משפחות האומנה של מכון סאמיט.


Thousands of at-risk children in Israel, many of them even in immediate danger, are in need of urgent intervention. In addition, there are thousands of children who are not receiving the care and treatment they need within their family units. if you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster family, please contact us.


יחד איתכם אנו יכולים להציל ולהעניק לילדים בסיכון בית חם ומחבק, מקום בטוח ומוגן אשר יוביל אותם לעתיד טוב יותר.

הקריטריונים להצגת מועמדות למשפחת אומנה וקלט חירום:


      • Parents up to age 55
      • Medical confirmation of good health status

      • Proof of no criminal record

      • Appropriate space for children in the house

      • Steady income and financial stability

      • Good personal relationships within the household

      • Written and oral references from the community

    הפנמה וקבלה של תפקיד משפחת האומנה: לאפשר את התפתחותו הנורמטיבית של הילד בכל תחומי החיים, ולהיות עבורו בית משלים לביתו הביולוגי.

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    Together, we can save these at-risk children and provide them with the warm embrace of a safe, welcoming home, help put smiles on their faces and ensure them brighter futures.

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